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People’s needs and values are at the heart of everything we do. We help our clients, our partners and our employees to unleash their human potential for more sustainable performance & personal fulfilment.
We co-create our solutions with our clients and offer tailor-made services.
We reinvest our time, our energy and our earnings in social initiatives. Our social engagement creates positive energy and gives meaning to our work.
We act with absolute integrity and strive for excellence in the delivery of our projects.
Founder - Marjolaine Gailly
Building tomorrow's
PeterLily is a socially engaged HR, Organization & Leadership consulting firm. We are passionate about the development of human and business potential. We believe in people’s talents, unicity, and ability to create value and make a difference. Our mission is to detect and unleash this potential and help people, teams, organizations, and society grow, towards higher and more sustainable performance, achievement, well-being, and fulfilment.

And because sometimes “All you need is faith, trust and a little pixiedust”, you can count on our positive energy to help you and your projects fly.
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