Building a better world, a world where each and every one of us can grow and reinvent him/herself to give his/her very best, that is one of PeterLily's missions.

PeterLily invites you to be part of it through his academy.

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PeterLily Academy

PeterLily Academy is a personal & professional growth ecosystem, where you will have the opportunity to be inspired by new ways of learning, leading people, managing interpersonal relationships, and developing yourself, through trainings, workshops, conferences, inhouse or in our offices.
Our trainers combine field experience and expertise. They have been chosen for their excellent capacity to share and to make you live a true learning experience.
Last but not least, each of them shares the philosophy of sustainable, social & soulful impact as well as PeterLily's values of affordability and transparency. The price of each training is therefore fair for all stakeholders. And part of the earnings are reinvested in social initiatives.


Discover our program below and subscribe to one of our workshops.
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